one day trek and cave

Full day walk from the Lodge through spectacular karst scenery, visiting three caves. Fossil Cave - a long dry cave with excellent slabs of 280 million-year-old fossilized shells; Waterfall Cave with beautiful formations and an awesome 30-metre waterfall deep inside the stream tunnel and Christmas Cave with largely decorated caverns and a sinking stream.

This is our most popular day trip due to the variety of caves and the fantastic scenery along the walk. You enter deep into the karst mountains and experience a variety of excellent caves. Suitable for any reasonably fit person who likes adventure.


COST: 750 Baht (for 3 or more people)- includes a pickup ride up the mountain, expert guide, caving light, helmet and lunch. Departs at 9.30 AM. returns around 4.30 PM. We arrange this and our other tours the night before departure depending on interest. If there are not 3 people we can leave with less if you pay the difference. This tour is not for the claustrophobic as it does involve some low crawl sections, some of them in shallow water. Expect to get dirty!

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COVID-19 Update

Dear friends and guests of Cave Lodge.

The Tham Lod community has decided to close Tham Lod and not allow non-residents to enter the village until the current situation with the Corona Virus has been resolved. This will take effect on March 19th, 2020. Unfortunately, this means that Cave Lodge will not be able to accept guests and we will temporarily close. This will be the first time since we opened in 1984 that we have closed. We will let you know when we reopen, hopefully before the end of the year. If you have booked a room with us, you are welcome to change your booking to any date/any year. Stay safe.