two day khong pai river trip

Day one: Depart the Cave Lodge at 10 a.m. for the Khong river (a tributary of the Pai). This river has lots of grade 1 & 2 rapids (very easy). At the ‘put in’ our guides give a safety and boat handling talk. Two people can ride with the guides in their boats if they wish and the others can paddle one or two person boats. Our guides are experts at assessing each person’s abilities, strengths and attitude, and with you, figure out the best combinations.

All trips have a minimum of 2 guides who watch how each boat is performing, give paddling tips, and if necessary, swap people around in boats.

After an hour of very easy paddling, you reach the Lang River junction and have lunch by this small side stream. From here to the beautiful Susa waterfalls it’s another hour of an easy river with plenty of small rapids to hone your skills and for the guides to get you sorted.

Here at Susa Waterfalls the crew boils the kettle and gets the camp together, while you’re free to explore the falls and walk up to the entrance of Susa Cave (15 minutes each way). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EXPLORE THIS CAVE AS DEADLY CO2 LEVELS CAN CHANGE VERY QUICKLY.

Please no swimming caving or paddling if you have consumed alcohol, no matter how small a quantity (explore and swim first, drink later...)! Also be careful when diving as rocks and logs can cause serious injuries.

Day Two: After a night around the campfire, a good sleep and a hearty paddler’s breakfast it’s back on the river at approx 9.30. From our camp to lunch spot on the Pai River it’s another 2 hours of an easy river with slightly harder rapids than day one. After a filling lunch and an hour to relax, it's back on the river, now the rapids start to get longer and are heaps of fun. By now you will have learnt all the skills needed to control your boat and the guides will also be keeping a close eye on everyone. On this section there are plenty of bigger grade two rapids and, as on the Khong River, you follow the lead boat and stop at the end of each rapid.

Around 2.00 the trip reaches the largest rapid on the trip, a low grade 3. One boat at a time (depending on river levels) goes down with a guide waiting at the bottom. If you tip it will be at the bottom of this rapid and you’ll end up having a short swim in a long, deep, wide, pool. We find that the majority of paddlers (even the totally inexperienced) have by this point mastered the art and run these bigger rapids like pros! After this, there are still plenty of great fun rapids, long gorges and stunning wilderness before reaching the pickup spot near Mae Hong Son at approx 4 p.m. (depending on water levels).

At the ‘take-out’ you help bring the boats and equipment to the waiting pick up vehicle and are then either driven into Mae Hong Son, the bus stop in Soppong for the last bus to Pai or back to the Cave Lodge for a post-trip party. Bags and valuables can be brought to the ‘take-out’ for people continuing to M.H.S. or Pai


Trip runs November to May.


COST: 3,100 Baht (min 5 people)


What to take

A change of clothes for the end of the day (warm clothes in winter).

River clothes: shorts & t-shirt or, if you sunburn easily, long pants and top (nothing that you wouldn’t be happy to swim in...just in case).

Suntan lotion.

Small Camera.

Drinks for the evening on Two Day (spirits are best), we only supply water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

100 Baht, for drinks or snacks at the end of the trip.

All your gear will be stored at the lodge so do not bring passports or valuables on the trip-leave them in our safe. We will not be held responsible for any valuables brought on any tour.

Any personal medications, cigarettes etc.


The best whitewater trip in Thailand, run with your safety and enjoyment as our top priorities.

Transport from and to Cave Lodge.

Insurance up to 100,000 Baht.

Experienced guides.

A great wilderness experience with a company that specialises in white-water kayaking.

Lunch and drinking water.

Entry fees to the Pai Wildlife Sanctuary (200 Baht).


This trip will be cancelled in extremely high water.

We will not take people that we consider not capable.

Guides are trained by internationally accredited kayakers with over 25 years experience.

All safety equipment conforms to international standards.

Guides speak English (and Thai).

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COVID-19 Update

We're Open!

Cave Lodge is open for all guests, bookings and walk-ins, on the 01/11/2021.

Cave Lodge is very happy to be opening again after being closed for more than six months. Our area is beautiful at this time of the year, the forest is lush and most of our amazing caving, trekking and kayaking trips are running. We hope to see you soon!