Check our Facebook page via the link at the bottom of this page (you don't have to be a FB member to view) for 1 and 2 Day trip departures and river levels for the 2 and 5 hour Black and White Water Adventures. You will need to be either staying at Cave Lodge or in Soppong the night before departure for the 1 and 2 Day trips. Usual departure times for the 2 and 5 hour Black and White Water Adventures are 10 AM and 2 PM or whenever it suits you.

If you would like to go on one of our 1 or 2 Day Kayaking Adventures and have a date in mind you can email us and put you details on our Facebook page to link up with other interested people as we have a 6 person minimum on these longer trips. For 2-5 hour trips starting at the Lodge, you can just turn up and if the river is not too low (check our Facebook page for latest river level info) we will arrange a trip to suit your timeframe, budget, skill, and interests.

The mountain rivers of Northwest Thailand are perfect for white water kayaking. We use top quality inflatable 2 person kayaks, and international standard safety equipment. We maintain an impeccable safety record. Our guests wear internationally approved, pro-fit (not one size fits all) buoyancy vests. No experience is necessary, just a sense of adventure. Internationally accredited kayakers train all guides, and all trips include boat handling and safety instructions.

Before you book a rafting trip, phone or email us to find out what extra fun you could be missing out on. We specialise in kayaking, which is twice as much fun as rafting. You don't have to be a passive passenger in a big raft, being told what to do by the guide; you can easily learn how to paddle your own boat , read the river and run the rapids, but if you do not feel confident enough then ride with one of our expert guides. We descend the same rivers as the big commercial rafting companies, plus we have rivers and routes that only we can run. Whether you have only a few hours to spare or two days, we guarantee you will enjoy kayaking with us.

Trips range from a 2 hour Black and White water paddle passing through an awesome cave to 1 and 2 Day Wilderness Adventures. Prices start as low as 650 Baht per person. People regularly tell us their kayak trip was the highlight of their Thailand travels.



2 hours of first-class fun!

This 7 km. descent passes through the massive 600 metre long cave of Tham Nam Lod.

Lots of enjoyable rapids and stunning scenery, plus a unique traverse of an awesome cave. This is our most popular trip, and everyone really likes it. Highly recommended for people short on time, or those looking for a taste of the fun kayakers can have. This trip packs in variety and challenges. Never a dull moment! Includes pick up at take out and transport back to the Lodge.

Departs daily from the Cave Lodge from June to January- Any Time-Check our Facebook page for water levels.

COST: 650 (800 with adventure caving) Baht


5 hours of first-class fun!

This 15 km. descent also passes through the massive 600 metre long Cave of Tham Nam Lod but ventures further down stream, lunch by the river (included in price), Lots of enjoyable rapids and stunning scenery. Double the distance, twice the fun. Plenty of time to hone your skills and play in the rapids. Great value with lots of variety along the way.

Departs daily from the Cave Lodge from June to January-starting around 10am is best-Check our Facebook page for water levels.

COST: 1050 (1200 with a 3 cave adventure) Baht



This day trip departs at 9am. and returns at 5 pm. 2 to 4 hours of wilderness paddling (depends on water levels) with heaps of grade 1 and 2 rapids. Visit the huge entrance chamber of a spectacular cave and explore the beautiful Susa Waterfalls.

Includes transport, picnic lunch, snacks and National Park fees.

Trip runs November to May.

COST: 1800 Baht (Min 5 people)



An early start and a 6 P.M. return to Cave Lodge. This trip packs it all into one full-on day with a put in at Susa Waterfalls. Includes transport, lunch, snacks. and National Park fees.Many people have told us this trip was the best adventure they have ever experienced!

July to April.

COST: 2100 Baht (min 5 people)



Departs from Cave Lodge at 10a.m. and returns 5p.m. the next day.Includes all transport, meals (except breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 2) camping gear and National Park fees.The trip passes through 45 kms. of pristine wilderness with gorges, waterfalls, lots of wildlife and the best rapids in Northern Thailand. We spend a night camping on the banks of the beautiful Khong River at Susa Waterfalls.

Trip runs November to May.

COST: 3100 Baht (min 5 people)


Enquiries  CAVE LODGE 15 Moo 1, Pang Mapha District, Mae Hong Son Province, 58150, THAILAND Ph. 053617203